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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Burned TP just as my offers went up!

Help! Advice please.

I stayed at TP for two week nights and gave them no play. (I didn't plan on this, but my work schedule was out of control and when I was already checked in, suddenly I did not have the time to play.)

I came home to get my mail and my OFFERS HAVE BEEN UPGRADED! They added Friday comp rooms and my bonus cash went from $5 to $15. (ELEVEN specific days out of the month!)

Do you think they'll forgive me this one time if I give them a lot of play next time?

I worked so hard to get these offers and I know it takes a while for you to be upgraded or downgraded.


Whaddaya think?

Monday, January 28, 2008

HET C/B - Bally's Rules

The cashback at Bally's is definitely the best of the Harrah's properties in AC. I've been keeping better records related to my coin in and games played. I assumed that possibly I was receiving more cashback from Bally's because of play on triple play Bonus Poker which only has an EV of 99.1.

But... I recently put $4940 coin in at mostly Pick'em, some 9/6 JOB and a smidge of triple play Bonus Poker. I just got my postcard for $12 in cashback. .24% That's the sweetest cashback in AC (at least at the quarter level).

It's very interesting that Bally's does not short the cashback on Pick'em. I'm thinking that possibly it's because these quarter machines play slow. I don't know that for a fact but it's something to think about.