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Monday, June 2, 2008

Resorts Mailer!

And just in time, because I no longer receive an AC Hilton mailer. Now, I do have to earn 3 points to receive my gift offers (and I'd love to know how much coin in a "point" takes) but I'm pleased just getting the mailer.

This was triggered by about an hour of quarter 8/5 BP play in April with Harv and Cath.

There's nothing I want to earn in June, but I'll probably keep receiving the mailers.

I've decided to give my Total Rewards and Trump cards a rest for the summer. My theos at both places are in the garbage and I want to take a shot at redeeming myself, especially since I no longer go to AC ten times a month. If I don't start to get Friday night comp rooms at TP in the fall, I'm going to let my Chairman's Card lapse. That is THE ONLY perk that Trump gives me above Harrah's. Trump did really well marketing to me: I was bumping up in denomination and starting to play short games during an entire year of losing there. Even with this escalation in play they still cut my offers for the summer. The last straw was finding out that Lydia receives THE EXACT SAME OFFERS AS I DO, after she played there casually a few times. Give me a damn break. It's time for me to wise up.

I'll give my Borgata and Resorts cards some use for the summer.

- The New Improved Bigfus!