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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Atlantic City Casinos on Twitter

We've started exploring Twitter and found a few promos to folks who follow the local casinos. These aren't always unique to Twitter, as you can find some of the same deals if you subscribe to casino e-mail or follow the companies on Facebook, but as more people use Twitter to connect this may be a useful place to look.

  • Atlantic City Hilton - not updated as often as other casinos, but sometimes mentions upcoming promotions or events
  • Bally's - sporadic updates about the casino and parent company + even less frequent updates on the Wild West Casino page
  • Borgata - also separate feeds for their Events and Poker Room
  • Caesars -even less frequently updated than the Bally's page
  • Harrah's - nightlife fans should also see the Pool After Dark page
  • Golden Nugget - Not much on this site yet, but look for more when the casino is officially re-branded (the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Twitter feed is active)
  • Resorts - Part of the new look and feel of Resorts has been an increased presence on social media
  • Showboat - like Bally's, offers sporadic updates + see also House of Blues
  • Tropicana - one of the first Atlantic City casinos to promote itself on Twitter, frequent updates
  • Trump Plaza - combined feed for both trump Atlantic City properties
  • Trump Taj Mahal - combined feed for both trump Atlantic City properties

We'll also include the Philadelphia casinos:
  • Harrah's Chester - seems to be updated sporadically, like most of the CET Atlantic City properties
  • Parx - they run enough promos that some interesting things might pop up here from time to tme
  • Sugarhouse - this one's interesting, because there are no tweets yet and they're not letting anyone follow them without being approved

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Atlantic City Newsfeed

Assorted news items related to Atlantic City.

Revel Seeks Improvements to Surrounding Area
Revel Entertainment Group, led by outspoken CEO Kevin DeSanctis, is pushing for a portion of its tax payments to fund improvements to the area around Absecon Inlet. The funds would, among other things, go toward repairs to the Boardwalk, improvements to the park surrounding Absecon Lighthouse, renovations to Garden Pier, and a variety of other projects that would improve the appearance of the area surrounding the future Revel casino. Approval would be required from the Atlantic City school board and Atlantic County, both of whom would have to forfeit a percentage of the revenue they would otherwise have received from the Revel casino

Local government officials realize that Revel is the only bright spot that the city can point do from a development perspective and Revel seems very much aware of the power they have right now. One could easily wonder why these proposed renovations have not taken place already, particularly if you have walked along the Boardwalk past the Showboat in recent years, but it appears Revel is taking advantage of how much the city needs them to push for the much-needed upgrades to their new neighborhood.
Revel wants $150 million in tax revenue to finance Atlantic City improvements

Casino Job Cuts Continue
With the summer season long gone, job cuts in the winter in Atlantic City are not unusual, though this article from the Press of Atlantic City notes that there are more than 3,000 fewer casino workers than the same time last year
Casinos cut 525 jobs as business slows down

Atlantic City Looks to Teacher's Convention for Boost
This year's NJEA teacher's convention was expected to bring a rare increase in visitors to and Atlantic City event and local merchants were eager for a boost during the normally quiet fall weekdays.
Teachers convention provides boost to local economy

Ohio Approves Casinos
Last week, Ohio voters approved casino gambling in their state, adding yet another competitor for Atlantic City in the gambling market. The impact of this will likely be less than competition in New York and Pennsylvania, however, as a much smaller percentage of customers come to Atlantic City from Ohio. It is difficult to find an exact number of visitors from Ohio, but if you look at the number of visitors who travel to Atlantic City by air compared with those who drive or arrive by bus (see Annual Visit-Trips to Atlantic City), then you get a rough idea how this may be the least of the town's worries right now.

Ohio Casino vote passes on strength near would-be casinos; a look at the vote
Ohio casino vote comes as supporters tout economic benefits; critics leery of job promises
Atlantic City's next threat could come from Ohio

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Atlantic City Newsfeed

Assorted news items related to Atlantic City.

United States Poker Championship Returns to Television
The Spike Network will televise this year's United States Poker Championship, which began this past Monday at the Trump Taj Mahal.
Poker championship at Taj Mahal returns to TV

New Jersey Permitted to Join Sports Betting Lawsuit
In a move that could pave the way for New Jersey to join with other states to challenge a 1992 federal law prohibiting sports-betting in all but four states, a federal judge ruled that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine will be permitted to file a formal complaint.  He will be required to do so before November 12, 2009.
Governor's Office can take part in sports betting lawsuit

Harrah's Fined $85,000 for Allowing Underage Gambling
Harrah's was fined for two separate underage gambling incidents.  The violations occurred in 2006 and 2008 at Bally's and Caesars.  Of note in the Press of Atlantic City and NBC 40 articles is that neither identifies the parent company, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.
Two casinos fined $85,000 for underage gambling violations

Atlantic City Has Cheapest Airfares
A recently released Bureau of Transportation statistics report recognized Atlantic City International Airport as having the cheapest average domestic fares in the nation.  The same report identified Las Vegas as having the fifth largest increase in average fares over the past 14 years, with a 65.3% increase in the cost of a ticket to that Nevada gambling destination (though, it should also be noted that the $233 average cost for a flight to Las Vegas is still below the national average of $301 per flight).

Read the full press release here:
2nd-Quarter 2009 Air Fare Data

Atlantic City Expressway Widening Begins

Last Friday, October 30 the South Jersey Transportation Authority broke ground to begin a $23.3 million construction project to add a third westbound lane from mile 7.8 (just past the Garden State Parkway exits while leaving town) to mile 17.4 (near the tolls).  The project is not scheduled to be completed until 2011.
South Jersey Transportation Authority Breaks Ground on Phase I of the Atlantic City Expressway Widening Project

Other News
World War I Monument and Knife and Fork Not Moving
The Press of Atlantic City reports that the proposed moving of the venerable Knife and Fork restaurant and the World War I Monument have been canceled, as the AC Gateway casino project seems to be dead.
Atlantic City's Knife & Fork staying put
The AC Gateway Project : Wally Barr and Curtis Bashaws Plans For The Dunes, Sahara Atlantic City and Old Atlantic City High School (read this for background information on the AC Gateway project)

Another Request to Lower Sand Dunes
NBC 40 reported on a meeting between the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and business owners from Atlantic City to reduce the height of the sand dunes.  Members of the "Boardwalk Committee" would like visitors to be able to see the ocean more clearly from the Boardwalk, but the DEP is not in favor of these measure.  I find this request dubious, as it seems local businesses are forgetting the reality of life on a barrier island and just how important the dunes will be when the next big storm rolls in.

Boardwalk Committee wants to shorten dunes blocking ocean (from Press of Atlantic City, 6/10/2009)

Dune Issue Still Alive (from Pinky's Corner in Atlantic City Weekly, 10/14/2009)

Gap Outlet Reopens
Outlet store to reopen in Atlantic City as Gap Generation

Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Poker Tour Boot Camp Comes to Atlantic City

If you have an extra $2,000 to burn and want to improve your poker skills with feedback from some pros, then there are still a few spots left to register for the World Poker Tour (WPT) Boot Camp event at the Trump Taj Mahal over the weekend of November 14, 2009. Gavin Smith, Nick Brancato, Rick Fuller, and Nick Binger are listed as instructors

Have a look at the WPT Boot Camp web site for details.

Atlantic City Weekly Picks the Phillies!

I'm a little slow in posting this, but noticed at least one writer from the Atlantic City Weekly picked the Phillies to defeat the Yankees in the World Series.  Since visitors to Atlantic City are somewhat evenly divided between New Yorkers and Philadelphians, this seems like as good a measure as any to determine a legitimate favorite between these two strong teams.

Our unofficial prediction is that no team is going to beat the Phillies four times in a series.  Since ESPN only shows Yankees and Red Sox games during the regular season, a lot of people outside of the Delaware Valley have no idea just how talented, resilient, and mentally tough this team is.  They don't have as many big names as the Yankees, but a lot more people will know who they are this team next week.

Phillies go for historic World Series win vs. the Bronx Bombers

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Resorts Offers $9 Midweek Rooms

This requires a little upfront cash and some risk, but if you're coming to Atlantic City to gamble anyway and haven't established yourself at any casino, then here's a good way to get a nearly free midweek room.  Resorts Atlantic City is offering what it calls a "Winners" package for $109 per night.  This requires double occupancy and you'll need a partner to take full advantage of the deal.

Here's what you'll get:
  • $25 free slot play for both people in the room ($50 total)
  • $25 match play for both people in the room (another $50 total)
  • A Rendezvous Tower room (you'll want this over the older Ocean Tower)
  • late (2pm) checkout
The actual value of the free slot play is around $49.60 if you play it on 8/5 Bonus Poker (or $49.77 if you can get on the one 9/6 Jacks or Better machine in the casino) and the match plays will also be worth a little less than $50 in expected value.  Add on taxes for the room and you'll actually pay a little under $20 for your room, but that's still a good deal if you get in the Rendezvous Tower.

While the offer doesn't specify when it is valid, I was only able to book this midweek, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try some weekend dates.  If you get one, then let us know.  Take a look at the Resorts web site for details:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Atlantic City Newsfeed

Assorted news items related to Atlantic City.

Supermarket Likely to Return to Atlantic City
A couple recent articles talked about the likely return of a supermarket to Atlantic City, on the same site where a previous IGA and Thriftway. No word yet on how long it would take for the new A&P to be ready to open once a deal is finalized.
Atlantic City closer to getting supermarket

ACES Friday Trains to Feature Variety of Drinks
A press release from last Friday describes cocktails and beers offered on upcoming Friday trains to Atlantic City from New York City.
Atlantic City Express Service (ACES) Announces 'Pour Tour' This Fall

Resorts Opens New Spa
Not sure what to make of this, but I give Resorts credit for still trying, despite a dwindling customer base. They've announced the opening of a spa in their hotel and casino
Spa opens in Resorts Casino Hotel

Antiques Show to Return
Different from the Atlantique City show that ran for years, a new organizing is bringing the Atlantic City Antiques and Collectors Show to the Convention Center March 27-28, 2010.
Atlantic City to have antiques show again