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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harrah's play update

Well, in June I said I would try to maintain a 500 TC "average" play to try to increase my offers from Harrah's. There was a bit of a discussion regarding the old "ADT" and KarenTN said that ADT was figured from TC and BRC. Given this, I present the following:

TC BRC Casino Date
581 0 Showboat 6/7/2008
608 627 Bally's 6/27/2008
346 283 Bally's 7/3/2008
802 583 Showboat 7/5/2008
838 890 Showboat 7/6/2008
452 0 Showboat 7/7/2008

TC = 3,627, BRC = 2,383

So with TC + BRC =

Total = 6,010 Jun/July

Now unfortunately I wasn't keeping track of points earned since the beginning of the year, I can only use the e-summaries they've sent me:

03/31 - TC 2771
04/30 - TC 4441, est RC earned 858, BRC 1670
06/30 - TC 5631, RC earned 1,189, BRC 409 (this is according to their records, which is short 218 BRCs from my stats).
07/31 - TC 8072 (3 more than my total), RC earned 2,438, BRC 1,756 (these are from my stats, not their summary)

So for the year I've earned 8,072 TC and an estimated 4,835 BRC. As near as I can calculate, I've made either 11 or 13 trips (depending on whether our poker play and DL was a "trip" and my parking at Caesars and not playing was a "trip").

So if "ADT" is TC+BRC/TRIP, then I have an ADT between 1,173 and 993. Granted I only saw an decrease in my room rate after my July play and only at Showboat, so that further solidified the idea that each property has an ADT in additional to the systemwide ADT. But before my "big" July play, my ADT would have been between 771-964.

So if ADT is truly TC+BRC, it seems as if one needs to maintain a total point earning around 1000 to get a "reasonable" weekend rate at a Bally's, Showboat and standard Harrah's and Caesars rooms.

The other thing for me to consider is if my table play is hurting my rating. Some have said yes but other's no. I asked the pit person at Wild Wild West when I bought into a Pai Gow game and she said I wouldn't earn as much as I did playing VP (duh), but I should have asked her what she did rate me. Of course I did get rated at our last craps experience at Showboat, but apparently I showed up a bigger winner than other people. . .

And as Bob always likes to bring up, denomination makes a difference (to which I ask him why he always has to bring up religion). I'm sure my room rates dropped after earning around 100 points on the 2-coin $5 Top Dollar slot (thank you Michael!). What casino doesn't love $5 slot players as opposed to quarter 9/6 JoB & 8/5 BP players? Granted I haven't heard much from Trump after I dropped $300 on $1 8/5 BP last month (although I did win some of it back the next month).

The Las Vegas trip may complicate things as we will be staying there and I'm not sure if we are going to stiff them as we would like to earn points towards our diamond card for next year. Hopefully we'll hit a few jackpots before we get there. . .

All I am hoping is to keep at least one property where I can get a decent weekend rate. I'd prefer Bally's to Showboat, since the pool area is much nicer and I enjoy playing there more than Showboat, but that's something to work on, I guess. . .