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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What do you look for in a hotel room?

As folks return to the "New Atlantic City" they often ask where they should stay. Rarely do they specify what THEY really like in a hotel room. Is a big bathtub a must? In room coffee-makers? A good firm mattress? A feathery pillow? How about a refrigerator? There are so many things that can make our break a room for individuals that it is impossible to determine the "best" rooms in town, or at least what the "best" room for that person might be. However, it is quite possible to make a list of these important amenities and rate the rooms where we stay.

My long-term goal for the site is to have a grid the details what each class of room offers at each property in town (with the possible exception of the Tropicana, where I don't think any of us would admit to staying). We also have a reasonably large collection of photos of rooms in the Harrah's properties that could be a very useful guide to prospective visitors about what room best suits their needs.

So, what factors do you think people care about when selecting a hotel room? What is important to you?

Toll Refunds for AC Surf Games

Good news for value-conscious folks who want to see minor league baseball in Atlantic City this upcoming summer. According the Philadelphia's KYW Newsradio, the Surf will refund $1.00 to individuals who purchase tickets to games this season to pay their Expressway tolls. Not specified in the article is whether you will be required to produce toll receipts or whether those of us with EZ-Pass will be able to collect this refund.

Click here for the complete article from KYW.

Also, thanks to Jesse O. Kurtz, from The Atlantic City Scoop, for this article that brought this discount to my attention.