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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Think I Love Trump Plaza

I looked at my "Center Stage" monthly offer booklet from Trump Plaza today and they may have convinced me not to bother making a run at the Harrah's Diamond Card for next year. Of course, there's a lot of "year" left, as I've only made one trip to Atlantic City thus far this year, but the Plaza has a huge leg up on their competitors now, as they've actually offered me free rooms for "ANY DAY OF THE WEEK" next month. I circled that when I read it, because I wanted to make sure I actually read that phrase right. Of course, this could have been a misprint (I even checked that that booklet was actually addressed to me - it was), so I checked the web site right away and I've already booked three different dates that Harrah's was ready to charge me over $150 night (or more) for. This makes me want to run out and buy a toupee, just so I can let it flap recklessly in the spring breeze.

The room offers were enough to make Trump Plaza worthy of praise, and I find their newly redesigned web site much easier to navigate than what they offered in the past, but that wasn't the only thing that pleased me about the April offers I received. Here are some highlights:
  • April 1 - May 10, Complimentary Overnight Stay ANY DAY, Valid Two Times Per Week
  • $30 Bonus Cash (I had been receiving $5 offers, though mine used to be for $20 about 2 years ago) on 4/8, 4/12, 4/16, 4/19, 4/24, and 4/28 (this includes two Saturdays)
  • I've been put back on the "Gift" list, after an absence of several months, and there seem to be 2-3 gift days every week
  • $100 Comp Dollars with 3X or 4X Multiplier on additional points earned on 4/10
  • $50 Macy's or Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card on 4/14
  • $50 Cash on 4/15
  • $50 Cash on 4/20 (A Sunday) and 4/30
So, did the Plaza up the ante with anyone else for the month to come? Or, did my neglect in playing there very often pay off with The Donald trying to woo me back?