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Monday, April 6, 2009

Showboat Orleans Tower Room 1596 (1/2009)

Pictures from Showboat Atlantic City Orleans Tower Room 1596, January 9-10, 2009.


Doug said...

I've stayed at the Showboat twice this year so far, both times in the Orleans Tower, and both trips everything was great. One room was in the older part of the new tower facing Revel project, but I could not hear any construction noise.

Bob R. said...

I haven't had any issue with construction noise either. Of course, that won't matter with construction everywhere in town grinding to a halt, but it's still good for people to know.

The only noise problem I ever had in the Orleans Tower was the first time I stayed there when I took a room near the elevator and heard the cars zipping by all night long. Since then I've always requested a room away from the elevators.