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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Harrah's Atlantic City Bayview Tower Room 9070 (1/2009)

Pictures from Harrah's Atlantic City Bayview Tower Room 9070, from January 24, 2009.


Doug said...

Stayed at Harrahs Waterfront Tower this past weekend... The good: I had no problem being upgraded on my Harbour Tower comp'd rooms. Thats where the good ends and the bad begins. The Bad: Kids, crying babies, children running wild, teenagers EVERYWHERE. I have never seen so many under 21 year olds in a casino resort in my life. Its obvious that many families are saving money on real vacations, but using comp rooms to bring as many kids as possible. I guess the family fun center in Harrah's Harbour Tower gives the kiddies something to do. At one point I was going down in the elevator from my room on the 24th floor in the Water Tower and it stopped on the 21st floor where 8 kids (all under age 12) got on with 2 adults complaining that they could not use the total rewards shuttle or "THE POOL AT HARRAHS" and could only use the Family Fun Center pool. Ok, enough of the kids rant, but just imagine screaming babies and kids running wild at the buffet, high end shops, and screwing with the iTouch info displays throughout the casino. The slots were extremely tight, no more 25 cent wheel of fortune slots, no 1 cent super hot hot penny slots... Obviously, I will not be staying at Harrah's again for awhile as I when I go to a casino I am looking to smoke, drink, and have a good time... If I wanted a family expirence I'd go to WILD WOOD CREST (but if you want to expirence WILD WOOD CREST in AC go to Harrah's). I took the total rewards shuttle to Showboat and turned my fortunes around. No kids at Showboat and FUN SLOTS that actually pay out a bit (won over $200 again on Cash Fever). Back to the kids rant for a moment... when I was in line to take the total rewards shuttle from Harrah's there were at least 6 people in line with strollers, carrying babies, or with toddlers... Of course they were not able to board and then gave the driver an extremely hard time. Waterfront Tower furnture doesnt seem to be holding up very well either. A lot of the edges of the tables and night stands are banged up and showing a lot of wear and tear considering the tower is not even a year old yet. In 2 weeks I will be back at the Showboat again, thankfully.

Bob R. said...

Funny that you mentioned kids at the Waterfront Tower. I stayed there a couple weeks ago on Friday and Saturday nights (pictures will be posted soon) and didn't notice an abundance of children, but we were surrounded by young adults (college age through mid 20's). Some of them shared the room next to where I was staying and were rather loud. I'm not sure if that is any better or worse than screaming kids, but when there are more than a half dozen people up past 4:00 AM talking you realize that the walls are either paper thin or your neighbors are very loud (or both). I did like the Waterfront rooms, though. Regarding the gambling, it is pretty poor at Harrah's. I am not a slot player, though there isn't a tremendous variance between the different Atlantic City casinos there (they all offer poor payouts for slots). I can, however, tell you that the video poker is very poor at Harrah's. Showboat isn't much better, but you have a few more games to choose from there.

cecilgrass said...

Looks like a great place to stay. Of all of the Atlantic City hotels I've been looking at lately for my upcoming visit to AC, this one is in the lead.

Ken said...

I am currently staying in Atlantic City. I only come twice a year, since of the far travels. How much did you pay for this room? I personally want to get out of my comp rooms that are absolutely basic.

Bob R. said...

Ken, just about all of my stays in Atlantic City are comped. Sometimes from my play and sometimes staying with friends who get free rooms. The Bayview rooms probably sell for around $150 a night midweek and 2-3 times that on the weekend, however, midweek comped rooms aren't too hard to get. The trouble is that the casinos send out a lot of offers to regular players and you can fall off their mailing list after not playing for a while, which hurts someone like you that only visits twice a year. Most of the Atlantic City slot clubs cater to folks who live nearby and make frequent visits.

If you're looking for comped rooms, then I'd suggest playing at either the Taj Mahal or Resorts, since both of those places seem to be struggling to fill their rooms right now. The Golden Nugget might offer a similar opportunity as they try to establish themselves in the Atlantic City market, but I have only been over there once since the change of ownership, so I can't speak from experience there.